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A b o u t   M e 

         Delphi Borich was born in Tokyo, Japan before moving to New Market, England and then to multiple locations in the United States as a proud member of a military family. Delphi attended Syracuse University and earned her BFA in Musical Theatre, at which time she studied abroad at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, England. In 2022, Delphi made her Broadway debut as the first Asian-American actor to portray Little Red Ridinghood in the 2nd revival of Into the Woods. About six months later, she began rehearsals for Camelot on Broadway as the understudy for Guenevere. She has since gone on to make her Off-Broadway Debut in Arms and the Man and is currently originating the role of May Welland in a new adaptation of Age of Innocence by Karen Zacarias and directed by Chay Yew. 

P r e s s 


"Delphi Borich is a fairytale Belle, performing with the utmost grace, class, and strength. Borich was the Belle we know and love through and through, and she handled the vocal feat of this show with effortless polish. It is no wonder so many little girls look up to the strong-willed, independent princess..."

                                                                                                  (Audrey Morabito, for Beauty and the Beast)


"Delphi Borich, as Belle, is exceptionally pretty with voice to match. All her power ballads – are hit out of the Hobby [Theatre] without exception. She has charm, grace, intelligence, strength: all the traits Belle must have..."

                                                                                                  (D.L. Groover, for Beauty and the Beast)

"Borich brings life to a Belle all the more beautiful in her imperfections and growing pains. Her voice rings loveliness through the production..." 

                                                                                                  (Tarra Gaines, for Beauty and the Beast) 

"...the whole show is carried spectacularly upon the shoulders of Delphi Borich...As Belle, she’s spunky and sympathetic, smart and sassy, with a voice that rings with sophistication...She drives the show forward, playing this heroine who won’t be content to sit and wait on some prince to save her, with truthful optimism."

                                                                                                  (Holly Beretto, for Beauty and the Beast) 

“Delphi Borich is charming, likeable, and adorable as Wendy Darling. Her sweetness and spunkiness is spot on in her portrayal.”

                                                                          (Natasha Ashley, for Peter Pan)


“Borich’s singing has an ethereal quality that conveys an unforced innocence”

                                                               (Michael O’Connor, CNY Café Momus for Spring Awakening)


“Some fantastically notable portrayals [were]...Christmas Eve, played expertly and comically well by, Delphi Borich. She had me laughing so much, her delivery in dialogue along with her show stopping act two number, “The More You Ruv Someone,” was amazing.”

                                                                              (Patrick Carman, for Avenue Q)


“Delphi Borich manages to transcend the sometimes jaw-dropping naivete of her Wendla, making her always believable.

                                                                  (Bill DeLapp, Syracuse New Times for Spring Awakening)



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